A session consists of using proven hypnotherapeutic techniques such as progressive relaxation, direct suggestion, guided imagery and active imagination in order to bypass the critical factor of the mind and tap into subconscious awareness. The Hypnosis for Fertility (HypnoFertilityÔ) program works with this powerful hypnotic state to help you to build the bridge between the desires ofthe heart and the mind and the processes of the body to create the foundation for a healthy, full-term pregnancy.
This is more than just visualization. It is a powerful, precise program that supports the entire fertility process (natural or medically-assisted) for optimal results.

What to Expect in Hypnosis
Hypnosis is a naturally-occurring mind state which most of us enter spontaneously many times throughout an ordinary day. We enter into a light hypnotic trance when we are doing something routine, such as driving, brushing our teeth or showering, or when we are deeply relaxed, daydreaming, engaged in a book or movie or engrossed in a favorite activity.
The hypnotic state is a uniquely pleasant experience of feeling incredibly relaxed, aware and unusually focused, all at the same time. It is usually accompanied by an extraordinary feeling of calmness and is a deeply relaxing experience, physically, mentally and emotionally. Hypnosis is not sleep; you remain awake, aware and always in control throughout a session.
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